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Investment Advisor Representative - Series 65 License
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Charles "Jack" Frost is a respected Financial Educator, Financial Advisor and Retirement Coach in Texas, New Mexico and Oregon and has clients throughout the United States.  Since 1988.  Jack has been teaching folks, age 55 and better, how to preserve their assets,increase their income and reduce income taxes.  In some cases, people haveeliminated some of their tax on social security income through tax deferred actions.
Today, all retirement situations are "fixable!"
For more than 25 years, Jack has helped individuals and families achieve their financial planning goals by providing advice on Investment, Insurance and Tax Planning, Retirement and Estate Planning and Intergenerational Wealth Transfer.  Working with a network of highly skilled professionals in Texas, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee he is dedicated to providing high-quality advice and integrated wealth management solutions that simplify and enhance the quality of his clients' lives.
Jack has helped hundreds of people across the U.S.  with tax and retirement solutions.  Retirees and employees from Hewlett Packard, IBM, American Airlines, Kodak, Southwest Airlines, Diamond-Shamrock, Georgia Pacific, University of Idaho, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Allstate Insurance, SBC Corp. and Windermere Real Estate are among those having benefitted from his advice by preserving and growing their retirement nest eggs through effective asset balancing and effective tax management. In 1988, Jack became “semi-retired” from a 13 year career with IRS as a Revenue Office, Group Manager and Program Analyst.
In the last several years, Jack has helped many Boomers and Seniors avoid many financial problems through safe asset allocation.  He focuses on suitable retirement products based on age, health and investment horizon.  Jack's main goal is to help Clients plan their retirement finances to avoid exhausting their financial reserves... AND more:
"I focus on helping you clarify your goals for retirement, investments and other specific goals, such as college, weddings and dream vacations.  I then create a detailed plan based on those objectives, implement the plan and monitor the results.  My clients consider themselves financially comfortable.  They value professional advice, are concerned about retirement, live by values and are willing to take action for their benefit and the benefit of their families." Jack
Jack is married to Sylvia and he loves to write, travel, hike and fish.  He is working on his second book, Monkeys Off Our Backs.  He has one "permanent college-bound" son (bound to graduate someday!) and another son recently graduated from the University of Texas. Jack knows first-hand the challenges of Retirees and soon to be (wannabe!) retired Boomers.

Designations and Affiliations

Investment Advisor Representative - Series 65 License

State of Oregon- Insurance License; State of Texas Insurance License, Life, Annuity, Long Term Care

IRS Enrolled Agent License, Retired 2015  (Former IRS Officer, Manager and Regional Analyst)

Active Member Chamber of Commerce Florence, Oregon 2014 Readers Choice Award -  Best Financial Planner


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